Saturday, 19 November 2011

I don't believe in Best Friend Forever . Do you ?

She is Nadiah Efendi . First of all sorry because I took this photo without permission .
And you guys know why I put her picture ?
We were no longer be friend almost for four years  .
We're bff since standard six. But people changed and everything changed the moment we;re not in the same school again . I'm not hoping that we're going to be friends again . -.- things happened for a reason . (:

Friday, 11 November 2011

Let bygones , be bygones

It seems so long I haven't update this blog . 12.11.11 Its freaking bored this morning , so I think I would like to post something here . Waoo , firstly about exam .The final-year-exam results make me changed my mind on how important the SPM examination was for my future . I was not ready for that actually . and perhaps , I didn't even care about it . and when the time comes , to feel disappointed and regret is no use -.- . laju semacam pulak wifi Debica sebelah rumah nie .hee , Kak lyana pon dah suruh aku update blog memandangkan dia dah takk tau nak buat apa , so dia nak baca entry apa2 yg aku post . OKAY KAK , NAMA HANG DAH ADAA :)
back to the topic , let bygones, be bygones . yang lepas tu lepas laweyh . maybe ada jugak org nak kata ; its hard to forget . yeah mmg its really hard to forget , but you must try . I'm not saying that I'm the greatest one of forgetting people/ thins happened . it was memorable :D  but if the memory last in your mind and it was painful to think about it , just forget .let it go , let bygones, be bygones -.- ''  *Nina, stop ulang benda same byk kali *
Okay dah tak dak idea la . emm boring . k byeee~

xx Nina xx