Saturday, 30 July 2011

I lost the love, you loved the most .

I feel like I'm killing myself in this real world .
in fact that I don't know why this could happened .
because of love .

HEARTbroken , I feel useless .


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bila nak berubah ?

bila la nak berubah
asyik tak buat hw, study apatah lagi
makin malas
asyik on9 ja , mcm la fb nak masok SPM.
mmg f4 nie utk rest ka?

start harini ,Nina janji 
1. nak tidur awai bila ada masa free
3.buat hw jgn tiru org , buat sendiri
4. jgn kesah hal org , buat hal sendiri fb sejam ja sehari ( sumpah sy tipu )

grr . dah la results exam pon terok :(
hmm :'(
harap bole brubah 
Nina Khairina yg comel :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

nina love him :)

adalaaaa~ syg dea sgt2 walaupun masing2 penah buat hal
ermm :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

B O R I N G G G~

I get bored with my lofe , I feel empty :(
today was not bad, I felt happy :D
I got so many homeworks to do , life as a student make me so tired
why i dont care bout my studies, Nina said
. because its harder day by day , chapter by chapter.
..because all of teachers fault , students has not done ANYTHING wrong .
.because I've got no time to study , to do homeworks.
:)) Well , actually the facts and reality is
1. Im lazy
2. I got so many free time but i waste it
3.teacher do the right things , and whats wrong is me.
4.I spend too many hours on internet , that has nothing important things related to my studies
5.Im not paying attention while teacher is teaching , i do homework just because I HAVE TO DO ,and not because I WANT TO DO .

I want to change all this
but why i cant ?
because I've not start to change and i"ve never try it and actually its because
I DONT WANT TO CHANGE .but the thing is, i want but im lazy, im not hardworking to do all those things to success in studies.
Why the other people can and not me ? People are all the same .we get something by what we do.
the success people have tried it , they do the best in whatever things they do.
but why not me ?
I have to accept all this , because Im the one who are responsible on my future , not anybody else

Friday, 8 July 2011


why everybody keep on asking me the same question ,
. tak hangout ke?
.jom la kuar weekend nie .

fyi , aku nie jenis tak keluar rumah okay ?
aku bukan takmau , nak sgt2 tapi aku tak boleh
mak& abah aku mmg tak bg keluar dgn membe suma ,
so mmg tak hangout.
kalau keluar tgk dunia pon lepas balik skola , p komtar , and im totally sick of it !
sapa2 kapel ngn aku kenalaaa faham aku nie mcmna
tp kdg2 yg keluar pon curi2 ataw dgn kakak ja ,
tu pon jarangg sgt .
knapa suma tak faham ?
aku mmg stay kat umah ja , bkn anak manja ka hapa , tapi dah parents tak bg
aku tak brani nak buat .
mmg aku sedih , boring dgn life aku .
but what can i do ?
so i hope please dont ask me again about this .
tak pyh nak ajak keluar ka, tanya kaaa.
aku tak suka.
get it ?
thanks .

all about what im thinking todayy

P/S:english tunggang terbalik.

obviously bored about my life , everyday same things happened .
i need new life , so that i can get new experience. so that i can explore more about happy , and what really means enjoy in life , as a sweet sixteen teenagers .
i realised that im not comfortable in my life , as
:) regretfull in taking account course for my SPM .
:) tired being a student .
:) tired with love
:)i didnt show i like accounts , physics , chemistry and addmath and im NOT .

i need a new life , i need freedom from my parents
but why
they didnt trust me
i think that im already matured , that can choose
what's RIGHT, and what's WRONG
. i want to hangout with friends , enjoy my life .
why i cant ?
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .
suka ayat nie , amek kat jasmine punya wall ,sorry btw
 its nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for ,

dah taktau nak ckp pa .
Lovee ~
Nina :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

She is Fatin Liyana

Assalamualaikum .
nak story sikit entry nie pasal Fatin liyana,
kenal tak ?
kalau tak kenal view la blog dea~
first impression :she's adorable
aku mmg suka+ minat sgt kat FL (fatin liyana) nie.\cute sgt ~
I love the way she dressed, I love to see her photos . dia mmg style ,comel , pandai lagi .

comeyy kan ?
nie la pic dia , cun .
*sorry* amek tanpa kebenaran ,
yess, aku suka sgt dea pandai dressing , dahla cantik sgt~
kalau nak view blog dea

okayy byee~
nina :)

Monday, 4 July 2011


ilysm :)
im trying to be the real me , the one who you loved <3
i realised that all this was my fault ,
sorry for hurting you day by day , idky this happened .please know that i love you and i need you in my life .
no matter how much words can say that i hate you , but my heart will always be yours.
i love you more , *sayang awak byk laut*  take care , because i know you can do it without me by your side .
:: i would like  :
:) to be kind
:)to be clever
:)to be well-dressed
:)to be a good listener
:)to be a good speaker
:)to be hard working
:)to live well
:) to be a good lover

Sunday, 3 July 2011


jgn la kong2 sangat , takkan kat dalam fb pon nak gadoh , the reason why ?
sbb tak boleh friend ngn certain2 laki
fb :nama pon social web , takkan nak tak friend ngn org kot , faham laaa. nnt delete apa org kata plak .
hmm, masalahnya , kalau nak suroh aku delete org2 yg pernah aku buat dea jeles takpa , nie yg tak dak apa2 dan mmg sah2 KAWAN jea pon nak suroh delete . aku setia la , tolong jgn kong2 sgt .
ilysm and i need you to understand how i feel .
i need freedom in my social network.. bkn freedom sgt pon , kami mmg kawan ja , aku mcm nak nangeh ,pasal nie pon nak tuduh2 .nak cari gadoh jaaa.
mmg ka kita nie couple untok gadoh ?
kalau nak clash sgt buat cara elok2 , jgn tuduh2 dan babitkan org lain , im so sad .

Saturday, 2 July 2011


semalam  tgk transformers 3 , rating bole bagi 4 la kot..
tak best sangat la , biasa je .
huhu , bored .

Friday, 1 July 2011

tired of LOVE

there are just two happiness in my life , love and being loved .
isit ? im not sure , act, im tired of love~
kalau bercinta perlu ka gado ? perlu ka maki bila tak puas hati .
sakit hati sgt bila kena kong2 dgn bf sdri .
i need my own space , leave me alone,Get out of my face,I'm tired of love,Feeling so misplaced,Time for you to go..'Cause I know I'm better off on my own, Leave me alone .
bukannya aku nie nak jahat sgt ,tapi rimas .
im not being myself ,honestly .i'm pretending that i was happy .
but im crying inside , because i felt like i lost my whole life ,
my own life .


hai , nina nie , hee ( gedik sikit )
aku baru buat blog nie , saja try .
test .