Wednesday, 13 July 2011

B O R I N G G G~

I get bored with my lofe , I feel empty :(
today was not bad, I felt happy :D
I got so many homeworks to do , life as a student make me so tired
why i dont care bout my studies, Nina said
. because its harder day by day , chapter by chapter.
..because all of teachers fault , students has not done ANYTHING wrong .
.because I've got no time to study , to do homeworks.
:)) Well , actually the facts and reality is
1. Im lazy
2. I got so many free time but i waste it
3.teacher do the right things , and whats wrong is me.
4.I spend too many hours on internet , that has nothing important things related to my studies
5.Im not paying attention while teacher is teaching , i do homework just because I HAVE TO DO ,and not because I WANT TO DO .

I want to change all this
but why i cant ?
because I've not start to change and i"ve never try it and actually its because
I DONT WANT TO CHANGE .but the thing is, i want but im lazy, im not hardworking to do all those things to success in studies.
Why the other people can and not me ? People are all the same .we get something by what we do.
the success people have tried it , they do the best in whatever things they do.
but why not me ?
I have to accept all this , because Im the one who are responsible on my future , not anybody else

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