Monday, 1 August 2011

please boy , if you want to make a change on me ,dont compare with other girls

faham ? terasa ? good then :)
there is always problem you'll face in a relationship .
and I've never heard a relationship with no problem ( as long as they only started their relation)
first thing that will kill you relationship is by LYING , and not to be honest with your partner .
and there is certain2 things that will make problems in your relationship .
why this could happened ?
and the things same goes to me , in my relationship too .
Idky .
the problem this time is more , more complicated for me to face it XD
he make a compared between me and he's friends (girl) 
but why .
I'm being myself .if i had done a mistake . thanks for show me the good way to be a better person .
but its not easy to changed by just comparing your girlfriend with your bestfriend ( girl )
and surely things does'nt work
guys , girls hate when you try to compare a girl with another girl .
please :)
make a change .

Love me as I am , and not what you want me to be .
and sorry if i can't be your everything 
thankyou for reading this entry


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